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2010-09-21 10:05

在纽瓦克自由国际机场违反安全规定的中国留美博士生蒋海松,将于本月28日在当地法院出庭受审。该机构的一位工作人员本周二向《中国日报》透露。 The Chinese doctoral student who breached security at the Newark Liberty International Airport in the United States will appear in the Newark municipal court on the morning of Jan 28, a court official told China Daily on Tuesday.

  现年28岁的蒋海松于上周五傍晚被美国港务局警方逮捕,经过数小时询问后被释放。1月3日,纽瓦克机场3号航站楼内,他趁运输安全管理局警卫临时离岗,越过机场安检线与女友告别。 Jiang Haisong, 28, was arrested last Friday evening by US port authorities and released after hours of questioning. Jiang ducked a security barrier in the airport's terminal C on Jan 3 to bid farewell to his girlfriend after a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guard stepped away from his post momentarily.

  一位目击者向运输安全管理局官员报告了该违规行为。随后,机场当局关闭了三座航站楼六小时之久。据报道,许多航班因此延误,上千旅客滞留机场。 The three terminals at the airport were subsequently shut down for six hours after a bystander who witnessed the incidence notified TSA officials. The shutdown reportedly caused numerous flights delays in and out of Newark, stranding thousands of passengers.

  蒋海松正在攻读分子生物学博士学位,预计于今年五月份毕业。据负责华侨事务的王邦福领事透露,蒋海松本人周一与中国驻纽约领事馆取得了电话联系。 Jiang, a molecular biosciences student who is set to graduate in May, had contacted the Chinese consulate in New York on Monday by phone, said Wang Bangfu, the consul for overseas Chinese affairs at the consulate.

  王邦福领事本周二向《中国日报》表示,在确认蒋海松系属中国国籍后,领事馆将为他提供领事保护和援助。 Wang told China Daily on Tuesday that the consulate is providing consular protection and assistance to Jiang after identifying him as a Chinese national.

  这其中包括向他提供一份律师名单,蒋海松可自行选择辩护律师。 These include providing a list of lawyers, which Jiang is selecting for his case.

  因为蒋海松要求对其与领事馆的谈话内容保密,王邦福领事没有透露更多细节。但他说,领事馆一直密切关注着事态发展。 Wang would not reveal more details because Jiang had requested for the content of their conversation to be kept private. But Wang said the consulate has been keeping a close eye on the development.

  王邦福领事表示在最终调查结果公布前不便更多评论此事,但领事馆将尽力保证蒋海松的合法权利得到妥善保护,确保庭审的公正性。 Wang did not comment further on the case until final investigation results were out, implying that the consulate will work to ensure Jiang gets a fair trial and his legal rights are fully protected.

  纽约及新泽西州港务局指控蒋海松非法闯入,如果罪名成立,他将面临30天的监禁及500美元罚款。 Under the charge of defiant trespassing brought by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Jiang faces a 30-day imprisonment and a fine of $500.

  但新泽西州议员Frank Lautenberg此前呼吁对蒋海松从严惩罚,并一再重申将游说控方起诉他犯下联邦刑事重罪,而不是轻微过失。 But New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg had earlier pushed for harsh punishment, threatening to lobby for severe federal criminal charges instead of a misdemeanor.

  早前Frank Lautenberg还提到要撤销蒋的学生签证,并将其驱逐出境。但最近几天他的表态明显缓和了许多。 Lautenberg also earlier mentioned visa revocation and deportation, but has since toned down his comments on the case in the last few days.

  此次事件在中美两国引起强烈反响。有人谴责蒋海松犯下了一个十分“愚蠢”的错误,也有人将其视为揭露美国机场安保漏洞的大英雄。 The incidence has triggered strong reaction among people both in the US and China. A number of these have accused Jiang of a "stupid" blunder. Others have hailed him as a kind of hero for exposing a glaring airport security loophole.

  尽管中国大陆民众对蒋的不当行为表示遗憾,认为他给中国人抹了黑,但他的美国邻居及罗格斯大学同学却对他表现出更多的理解和宽容。 While more people on the Chinese mainland expressed their disappointment at Jiang for bringing disgrace to the Chinese community, his American neighbors and fellow colleagues at Rutgers University showed more understanding and described him in much nicer words.

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